Press Release - 23rd December 2005
Gift Gen - The Gift Ideas Generator
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 Gift     Ideas     Generator 

GiftGen goes Mobile, and it’s FREE !

After the success of comes Mobile GiftGen. GiftGen Mobile is now in ‘Free Trial’ mode. Just go to on your mobile web browser or PDA browser.

This is an invaluable service if you’ve left any of your Christmas present buying until the REALLY last minute ! is an easy to use gift advice web-site that suggests a wide range of ideas based on the type of person you are buying for and how much you want to spend. The site does not have its own products to promote and is therefore free to suggest a full range of ideas. The price selection goes from FREE to £600+, so there is something for everybody’s budget. Additionally, GiftGen suggests which shops you may find the suggested gifts in.

Mark, the co-creator of comments “Finding gifts for people usually involves paging through catalogues or aimlessly wandering around high street shops. This service offers you relevant gift ideas to your mobile, whilst travelling into town on the bus or enjoying a cup of coffee in a café.”

GiftGen is simple to use. Just select the age of the person you are buying a gift for, how much you want to spend, their character (up to 3 selections from the list) and their gender. The site will then suggest gift ideas. Choose the ideas that take your fancy and click ‘Suggest Shops’. The site will then suggest which stores to try. So, if you are looking for christmas gift ideas, start here!

Notes for editors is the creation of 2 college friends who are both now in their mid-thirties. It has been 9 months in the making, which has involved much researching of gifts and shops. Priorities in design have been ease of use, relevance of results, and speed of the site.

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