Press Release - 22nd Nov 2012

Gift   Ideas   Generator


GiftGen app launches FREE on Android Store.

GiftGen is a gift finder tool that has been providing present suggestions since 2005 and boasts that its database now contains over 3,500 gift suggestions from over 1,800 retailers. Access to this invaluable database is now available via the Android app store (recently renamed 'Google Play').

The website’s stated aim is “to relieve the stress of coming up with present ideas for any occasion”. Mark Rowe, co-creator of GiftGen said "We’re excited to announce the Android app version, just in time to help people with Christmas present ideas this year. Having launched the iPhone app last year, we thought it should be Android’s turn this year, and as with the iPhone app, this version is free."

To download the app just go to Google Play and search for ‘giftgen’. The app is currently priced as free and is very small (so it won’t eat up loads of your phone’s memory).

It’s very easy to use - just select how much you want to spend, a gender, an age and optionally a character type, then click search. Within moments, you are presented with a list of appropriate gift suggestions, along with links to suggested websites or high street shops to buy them from. Being a mobile app it’s great for when you are on the way into town (as long as you’re not driving!), or sitting in a coffee shop during your Christmas shopping trip when you are really struggling with what to get someone.

Mike, also co-creator adds: “We’re particularly proud of the fact that we have always offered a spend selection of ‘nothing’. In these economic times, it’s more important than ever that people are reminded that they don’t have to spend money when they want to give someone a gift.”

It's interesting to plug in your own details, and see what gift ideas it suggests for yourself (especially if you’re struggling with your list for Santa!).

A direct link to the app is here – GiftGen Gift Ideas Android App

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