Press Release - 10th Dec 2009
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Christmas Gift shoppers spend the same as 2008

Gift ideas website has said today that despite all the talk of recession, and consumers cutting back, the average gift search on their site is the same as last year.

Mike Orton comments “When the average price is calculated from the thousands and thousands of gift searches performed this November, the average price comes out at £50.84 compared with £50.79 last year. Before we examined the statistics, we were obviously expecting to find a drop in average value, given the state of the economy and all the doom and gloom talk of recession. But it appears that people are looking to spend the same on their loved ones as last year.”

Mark Rowe said that “In recent months we have tried to concentrate on setting up more gifts in the under £10, under £5, Under £3 and 'free' price ranges". This was because we were expecting to receive more user searches in these price ranges, particularly for people looking for last minute stocking fillers and secret Santa gift ideas (which receive a lot of clicks in December)".

"We've added more budget gift ideas to the site recently, such as Crazy Maze, Drink Charms, Handbag Hangers, LED Smart Candles, Make a Go Fishing Game, Digital Photo Keyrings, Sudokube, Feet Treat Kits, Eyezone Massagers, iPod Hoodies, Little Book Holders, Head Massagers, Guitar Pens, Zeebeez Jumping Toys, Free Romantic Gift Ideas, EZ Comb hair accessory, Make them a Mobile amongst others."

So keep those fingers crossed, and Santa is likely to be just as generous this year as in 2008 - As long as you've been GOOD, obviously!

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