Press Release - 7th May 2009
Gift Gen - The Gift Ideas Generator
 Gift     Ideas     Generator 
 Gift     Ideas     Generator 

GiftGen Launches iphone version.

Own an iphone? After gift ideas for an upcoming birthday, wedding, christening or just to say thank you? Then head to GiftGen - the ‘Gift Ideas Generator’. Recently listed as the most useful shopping website by the telegraph, the developers have now released an iphone version. Just visit from an iphone and the site detects the device and takes you to the new version. Perfect for when you’re on the train or bus into town, or sitting in a café before shopping. is a free and easy to use gift advice web-site that suggests a wide range of ideas once you select the age and gender of the person you are buying a gift for, and how much you want to spend. Additionally, the suggested gift ideas list includes suggested websites and high street shops where you could find the suggested gifts, and even price links to comparison sites.

Mark Rowe, co-creator of GiftGen comments “We’ve made several improvements over the original PDA version that was released last year, and have also taken the opportunity to spruce up the look on the iphone version.”

The main improvements they have made over the PDA version are...

  • There are now 33 gift ideas presented per page (previously 17 in the PDA version), which is easily scrolled up and down with the flick of a finger on the iphone.
  • The page automatically zooms in to fit the width of the iphone screen.
  • There is now a drop-down selection box above the links columns, so you can select websites, high street shops or price comparison links.
  • Tapping on a gift idea row will expand that suggestion, showing three suggested links rather than just one. The row is also highlighted in blue, so you can easily see which ideas you have tapped on.

The site does not have its own products to promote and is therefore unbiased, and able to suggest absolutely anything, from ‘make them a bookmark’, to ‘a theatre break for two’. The price selection ranges from FREE to £600+, so there really is something for everyone’s budget.

Mike Orton, also co-creator of GiftGen comments “We are continuing on our mission to relieve the hassle and stress involved in coming up with gift ideas - even when on the move. iphone users should find this version extremely easy to use.”

This is useful website for those moments when you’re panicking about what present to get someone, and also quite fun to play with just to see what it suggests for people (including yourself!). Consider adding this one to your bookmarks.

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