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The festive season is here, and it's time to start thinking about buying presents for family and friends. Deciding on Christmas gifts can be exasperating - wandering aimlessly around the shops, spend hours flicking through catalogues, or staring at a list of 40,000 results from a search engine!

The internet is great if you know what you are after, but when you are gift shopping, or just browsing it can be a nightmare. There are some great web sites out there; it's just a case of finding them. If you've got an 18-40 year old gadget obsessed man in your life, then a visit to Firebox is likely to come up trumps. For that lady who just seems impossible, you could try pressies4princesses. But how do you remember which site to visit next time you need to buy a gift?

You could try creating a folder in your favourites for gift ideas, and then whenever you come across a good site for gifts, you can then add it to this favourites group. You could even get as sophisticated as having gift idea sub-folders for different age groups or occasions.

The drawback with this strategy however, is that you still have to remember which sites sell what type of gifts. It is not as if 'firebox' is a very self explanatory website name! You could rename the favourite link to include the type of gifts they sell (e.g. "Firebox - Gadgets").

There are some gift ideas websites out there, including , and, so add some of these to your favourites, and the hassle of present choosing will be all over!

Good Luck with your christmas gift hunting!

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