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Easter Gifts – Rampant Consumerism or healthy alternative?

Whilst walking around the supermarket last weekend I noticed an ‘Easter gifts’ section had been installed at the end of the sweets and chocolate isle. Maybe this is not a new phenomenon, and I’ve just not noticed it before, but it looks to me as if we are now being encouraged to buy PRESENTS for each other at Easter!

When I was a lad, I was lucky to get a Cadburys cream egg or two costing 14p each, and one Large egg, costing somewhere between £1.49 and £2.49. I don’t remember this last year, perhaps I just missed it.

Admittedly, some of these items were quite cheap, like Stationary, Whistles ,Empty eggs, Cuddly rabbit toy. However, I just typed ‘Easter gift ideas’ into Google, and was presented with sites touting Easter gifts for between £14.99 and £40!

I’ve just read an article entitled ‘Chocolate-Free Easter Treats‘ which suggests...

For boys - Soggs (6 pairs of socks in an egg carton), Foam Zoomer (the Easter connection is lost on me, if there is one!)

For girls - Easter Cross Stick Book marks, Denim Chick Hat, Percy Pig Egg Cup Set, Aroma Home Hot Hugs Bunny

So, to repeat my article title, is this consumerism gone too far Step too far, or is it s healthy alternative? I would appreciate feedback!

One Easter gift idea that I am happy to embrace is World Vision’s Gift of 20 Chicks - Providing families in Chettikulam, Sri Lanka with vaccinated chicks will produce eggs and meat for them to eat or sell.

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